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Frequent Questions

Common Queries

Can you help me add capacity to an existing system?

Yes! Yes we can!  We will assess what you currently have and determine what you need to expand!  Getting some advise before you purchase equipment is time well spent.  Correctly matching equipment is crucial to system performance and safety!  Even if you don't purchase from us please feel free to ask us about what you need!

I have some knowledge but am unsure about hooking up my system.  Can you help?

We certainly can help with that!  We can either do the install at your location or pre-wire and mount the hardware at our shop!  Leaving you to just install your solar panels and plug them in to your pre built system!

What are my options for home power generation?  How does that work?

We offer a grid-tie system for use at properties that are on the electrical grid.  Solar power is collected and then fed into the main electrical grid through a bi-directional meter.  Your meter will turn backwards when you are producing more power than you are consuming, effectively giving you credit on you power bill for future use.  When your electrical needs are above what your system is producing you simply take power from the grid like you always have!  With the use of state of the art micro-inverters and a sophisticated but simple computer control system you can monitor your system performance from anywhere.

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